Election Deceptions

About Dr. David A. Camp

Dr. David A. Camp, PhD, founder of Enlightened Solutions (EnSol, LLC) and creator of Deception Management is a criminologist, author and researcher. He is nationally recognized as an expert in deception management. He has been consulted by numerous major publications such as People magazine, Discover Magazine, The Kansas City Star, The St. Louis Sentinal and The Daily Oklahoman for his opinions regarding various high profile crimes and deception in general.

As a tenured professor, Dr. Camp has served as the Department Chair and Dean of Criminal Justice at nationally recognized colleges. He has taught and continues to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in criminal justice and sociology. His students have ranged from federal agents to elected judges and celebrities. He has provided training seminars across the U.S., and served as special presenter and facilitator for groups such as the League of Women Voters, the McConnell Clark Foundation, and The State of Washington’s Mental Health Professionals.

Dr. Camp serves on the Board of Directors for “Defensive Tactics Technologies,” a St. Louis-based self defense program developed by Master Instructor Elliot Freeman under the supervision of Aikido Master Steven Seagal.

Dr. Camp created the textbook "Exposing Lies," for his college course Deception Management. He also wrote "The Teen Girl's Survival Guide to Lies, Liars, and Lying," co-authored by his wife Deverie Rudd. This primer on deception, safety and interpersonal behavior was created to help teenage girls take control of their lives.

Prieviously, Dr. Camp developed the operations manual for Children’s Village, a Texas based at risk group home for children. He also developed the Life Skills Training Program for those children known as “YESS - Youth Education in Social Skills”. Additionally, Dr. Camp has published numerous research projects, many of which were government research in the area of crime, criminals, and corrections.

Dr. Camp is dedicated to living a full and healthy life. His rich background includes managing a group home and ranch for abused children, serving as an emergency mental health evaluator, training elephants at several American zoos including the Miami Metro Zoo. He also spent several years in his youth as an apprentice to a Cherokee shaman in eastern Oklahoma.

Dr. Camp currently lives in the country with his wife Deverie, who is a photographer.

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