Election Deceptions

What are the candidates really saying?

Dr. David Camp shares his expertise in deception and other behaviors. Learn to recognize the meaning of the candidates' body language and what their deception cues are. Test your new knowledge by analyzing related videos at the bottom of the page.



Analysis of the Debates is In
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Find out John NcCain's "tells."
Find out Sarah Palin's "tells."
Find out Obama's "tells."
Find out Biden's "tells."

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A Note from Dr. Camp

The Politicans and Deception

Every person has their own quirks. Deception detection is based on establishing how a person normally behaves. When people lie, they present clues to their deceptions, usually identified by how they alter their behavior when they feel stress (a common reaction to the guilt and fears associated with lying). Some clues are easy to spot and some are more difficult.

Watching the four major contenders for president and vice president in a multitude of videos, I was able to identify their unique behavioral characteristics.

Even though many politicians obtain coaching to learn how to control their indicators, no one can control every reaction. Some indicators are too many in number others are beyond conscious control.

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